Thursday, April 9, 2020

"Negotiation: As Taught By The Patriot...."

Our topic today is “Negotiation” and the film segment is from “The Patriot” a movie produced in 2000 which depicts the story of an American Colonist, Benjamin Martin, played by Mel Gibson, who was a volunteer officer for the revolutionary army. He leads a band of local South Carolina militia against the British forces of General Cornwallis, played brilliantly by Tom Wilkinson. In this scene, Benjamin Martin is taking a great risk to negotiate directly with his enemy, General Cornwallis, for the release of his men being interned as prisoners of war. In an earlier militia raid, Benjamin had acquired a wagon full of personal possessions and effects of the General along with two Great Danes, that were given to General Cornwallis by King George himself. Benjamin knew could use them in trade for his imprisoned militia soldiers. We join them as the negotiation for the release of the militia prisoners commences.

The Patriot (2000)  Directed by Roland Emmerich 

"How Much Time Is Left?"

Stargate (1994) Directed by Roland Emmerich 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

"And One Often Has To Fight Power At Great Risk To Themselves...."

Jim Garrison (Kevin Cosner):  "The truth is the most important value we have.....'Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.' Do not forget your dying king. Show this world that this is still a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Nothing as long as you live will ever be more in important. It's up to you."

JFK: The Movie (1991) Directed by Oliver Stone 

Monday, April 6, 2020

"With The Right Plan....."

Iron Eagle (1985) Directed by Sidney J Furie

The original and most memorable installment of the four part "Iron Eagle" franchise, showcases heart pounding aerial action sequences driven by an unrelenting soundtrack featuring music from Queen, George Clinton, King Cobra, James Brown and Steve Windwood. Plot follows a teenage Doug Masters (Jason Gedrick) as he learns his father, an F-16 fighter pilot for the U.S., has been shot down over disputed international airspace and is being held hostage by a hostile foreign government. When Doug learns his father has been sentenced to death and the U.S. military will not be mounting a rescue operation, Doug decides to mount one of his own enlisting the help of ace F-16 fighter pilot Colonel Chappy Sinclair (Lou Gosset, Jr.). The two mount a rescue operation in two F-16s and power into enemy territory at mach speed against impossible odds. The film features a heart-warming performance by Gedrick and an iconic performance by Gossett (Gossett was nominated for the NAACP award for the film). "Iron Eagle" was the first and one of the last films ever to be made entirely with real fighter jets, and Queen's fiery theme song, "One Vision", remains a Freddy Mercury fan favorite three decades after its original release.

"Tell the Truth About What You See and What You Do..."

Spartan (2004) Directed by David Mamet

FILM DESCRIPTION: David Mamet writes and directs the political thriller Spartan. Respected Secret Service agent Robert Scott (Val Kilmer) is assigned to the kidnapping case of Laura Newton (Kristen Bell), the missing daughter of a high-ranking political figure. Scott is teamed up with rookie Curtis (Derek Luke). Aided by the FBI and the CIA, the team discovers a human trafficking operation that may lead to Laura's kidnappers. Meanwhile, political operative Stoddard (William H. Macy) refuses to cooperate with the rescue mission. Scott and Curtis are forced to quit the investigation when the media reports Laura's death. Believing her to be alive, Curtis is motivated to start up a dangerous unofficial investigation of his own. Spartan premiered at the Bangkok International Film Festival in 2004.