Saturday, February 3, 2018

"I Want To Write A Story About You..."


Nathaniel Ayers, Jr. (Jamie Foxx): "Nobody can ever stop Mr. Lopez from what he needs to do. Are you flying that plane?"

Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr): "Uh, no. No; I'm right here."

Nathaniel Ayers, Jr. (Jamie Foxx): "I don't know how that works."

Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr):  "I called Julliard and they said that you went there but you didn't finish."

Nathaniel Ayers, Jr.(Jamie Foxx): "I bombed write out of there. I bombed out of Juliard."

Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr): "Yeah; what happened?"

Nathaniel Ayers, Jr. (Jamie Foxx): "It didn't happen. I don't know what happened...."

Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr): "Is there anyone I can contact? Family?"

Nathaniel Ayers, Jr. (Jamie Foxx): "Family? Uhh, Ms. Flore Ayers is my mom. She's a beautician. Beauty is art. Music is beauty. She don't do my hair. I do my own hair.....It's a dream out here, Mr. Lopez. Sun is shining, the nights are cool and serene and I notice that everyone is smiling. "

The Soloist (2009) Directed by Joe Wright

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