Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"You Called About Your Neighbors...."


Mac Radner (Seth Rogan): "Okay; you know what?  Let's end this. I'm sorry. I rescind the complaint. You can go. No noise complaint."

Officer Watkins (Hannibal Burress): "You know the boy that cried wolf? You're that boy."

Mac Radner (Seth Rogan): "Okay; I cried wolf..."

Officer Watkins (Hannibal Burress): "Never call us again."

Mac Radner (Seth Rogan):  "Never call you again? You're the f*cking police......"

Delta Psi Beta President, Teddy Sanders (Zach Ephron): "......I'm not mad.  I'm just disappointed."

Neighbors (2014) Directed by Nicholas Stoller 

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