Sunday, May 20, 2018

"Did You Forget To Take Your Xanax, This Morning?"

Annie (Kristen Wiig): "Are you sure you want it to say forever? ....I don't think you guys will be best friends, forever. No offense but the friends that you have when you are younger, sometimes you grow apart.  When you get older, maybe she finds a new best friend.  Maybe she'll be more successful than you are, and prettier, and richer and skinnier.  And they end up doing everything together." 

Teenage Customer (Mia Rose Frampton):"You're weird." 

Annie (Kristen Wiig): "I'm not weird. Okay"  

Teenage Customer (Mia Rose Frampton): "Yes; you are."

Annie (Kristen Wiig):  "No; I'm not and you started it."

Teenage Customer (Mia Rose Frampton): "No; you started it.  Did you forget to take your Xanax, this morning?"

Bridesmaids (2011) Directed by Paul Fieg

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