Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"I Really Don't Believe In Age or Numbers....."

Surfing Coach Chuck (Paul Rudd): "I mean, if you had to put a number on it, I guess I'd be uhh, forty, uhh, forty four - fuck!!"

Peter (Jason Segel): "Well, thanks for taking me out here.  This is the best that I've felt in like three weeks or so."

Surfing Coach Chuck (Paul Rudd): "You need to get back on that board is what you need to do."

Peter (Jason Segel): "Yeah?"

Surfing Coach Chuck (Paul Rudd): "Hey, here's the deal: when life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail."

Peter (Jason Segel): "Yeah. No; you said it. Totally."  

Surfing Coach Chuck (Paul Rudd): "You just gotta pull yourself up by your wetsuit and get back up on that board.  Hey, look man.  If you are attacked by a shark, are you going to give up surfing?" 

Peter (Jason Segel): "Probably.  Yeah."

Surfing Coach Chuck (Paul Rudd):  "Let's go in. Alright? Tacos are on me."

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Directed by Nicholas Stoller, Written by Jason Segel

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