Sunday, June 17, 2018

"Whose To Say Who's The Sh*tty Father?"

Frank (Jason Robards): "......Ya know, it's not like it all ends, when you are 18, or 21, or 41, or 61 - it never, never ends! It's like your Aunt Edna's ass - it goes on forever and is just as frightening!"

Gil (Steve Martin): "(gives chuckle) It's true."

Frank (Jason Robards): "There is no end-zone. You never cross the goal line. You never spike the ball and do a touchdown dance.  I'm 64 and Larry is 27 and he's still my son, like Kevin is your son.  Do you think I want him to get hurt? He's my son........."

Gil (Steve Martin): "Whose to say who is the shitty father?  Kevin is in therapy. We got called to the school last year because Taylor kept kissing all the boys. Justin keeps ramming things with his head.  My career is in the shithouse!"

Frank (Jason Robards):  "You worry too much! You always did....."

Parenthood (1989) Directed by Ron Howard

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