Thursday, September 6, 2018

"That's What Little Brains Do....."

Daniel (Albert Brooks):  "Where am I?  Is this heaven?"

Bob Diamond (Rip Torn): "No; it isn't heaven."

Daniel (Albert Brooks):  "Is it hell?"

Bob Diamond (Rip Torn): "No; it isn't hell. Actually, there is no hell.  Although, I hear Los Angeles is getting pretty close." (laughs)

Bob Diamond (Rip Torn): "Well, Daniel. Let me tell you what is going on.  When you are born in this Universe, you are in it for a long, long time.....after each lifetime,  there's an examining period that you're in, now......The point of this whole thing is to keep getting smarter, to keep growing, to use as much of your brain as possible.  For example, I use 48 percent of my brain.  Do you know how much you use?"

Daniel (Albert Brooks): "47?"

Bob Diamond (Rip Torn): "3...."

Daniel (Albert Brooks): "3? I only use 3% of my brain?"

Bob Diamond (Rip Torn): "Yes; don't worry about it.  Everybody on earth uses 3 percent of their brain, 3-5 percent.  That is why they are there......Now, being from earth as you are and using as little of your brain as you do, your life has pretty much been devoted to dealing with fear."

Daniel (Albert Brooks): "It has?"

Bob Diamond (Rip Torn): "Well, everybody on earth deals with fear.  That's what little brains do.....that's what we call you folks behind your back. Forgive me."

Defending Your Life (1991) Written and Directed by Albert Brooks 

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