Monday, September 24, 2018

"You Knew...."

Keith (Eric Stolz):  Watts!  I'm sorry. I didn't know."

Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson): "Yeah, well you're stupid.  I always knew you were stupid."

Keith (Eric Stolz): "Why didn't you tell me?" 

Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson):  "You never asked.. (He gives her earrings.)  I wanted these. I really wanted these."

Keith (Eric Stolz): "They're yours.  You knew you were going to get these."

Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson):  "No; I didn't. I hoped. I didn't know."

Keith (Eric Stolz): "You knew." 

Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson):  "I had a feeling.  Well, how do they look?" 

Keith (Eric Stolz): "You look good wearing my future."

Some Kind of Wonderful (1987): Written by John Hughes 

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