Thursday, October 25, 2018

"Train A Baboon..."

Harold Cornish the Boss ( Jon Favreau): "Seriously though.  What exactly is it that you do?"

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman): "I manage in-house accounts, Sir."

Harold Cornish the Boss ( Jon Favreau): "So, essentially you do what the program that my wife uses called Quicken does." 

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman): "Well...."

Harold Cornish the Boss ( Jon Favreau): "You put numbers in boxes.  You could train a baboon to do it, if you had to.  The fact of the matter is the economy is changing. People like me are important.  We bring the money in and pay people like you with it. You understand?  Ya know what? I'm going to get you a copy of the Fountainhead.  You're going to read it and you're going to understand why "this" is good for everybody. All right?  Let's do it today because I get on a plane to go to Tahiti."

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman): "You're going to go to Tahiti, today?"

Harold Cornish the Boss ( Jon Favreau): "Yeah; I'm going to Tahiti today, not private either - commercial. We all had to take a haircut."

Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman): "Sure.  Private would be excessive.  Not you." 

Identity Thief (2013) Directed by Seth Gordon 

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