Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"Advice From Stan Lee....."

Stan Lee (as himself): "I went on with my life.  I created some special new superheros. They were characters that reflected my own heartbreak and my own regrets."

Brody (Jason Lee): "How so?"

Stan Lee (as himself):  "Dr. Doom wears body armor to conceal his own mangled form, right?"

Brody (Jason Lee): "Yeah."

Stan Lee (as himself): "Okay; that was me beneath the armor.  The Hulk - a normal guy one minute, a rage of emotions the next just like me when I thought about what I had given up."

Brody (Jason Lee): "So you created each character to deal with your one big regret."

Stan Lee (as himself):  "Yeah; the girl that got away.  Look, do yourself a favor, Brody - Don't wait because all of the money, all the women, even all of the comic books in the world, they can't substitute for that one person."

Mallrats (1995) Written & Directed by Kevin Smith

**Rest in peace, Stan Lee 

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