Saturday, November 23, 2019

"How May I Help You?"

Neal (Steve Martin): "You can start by wiping that fucking dumb-ass smile off your rosy fucking cheeks and get me a fucking automobile.  A fucking Dachshund. A fucking Toyota. A fucking Mustang.  A fucking Buick.  Four fucking wheels and a seat."

Car Rental Lady (Edie McClurg): "I really don't appreciate the way you're speaking to me."

Neal (Steve Martin): "And I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere, with fucking keys, to a fucking car that isn't fucking there.  I really didn't care to  fucking walk down a fucking highway, and across a fucking runway, to get back here to have you smile at my fucking face.  I want a fucking car, right fucking now."  

Car Rental Lady (Edie McClurg):  "May I see your rental agreement?"

Neal (Steve Martin): "I threw it away."

Car Rental Lady (Edie McClurg):  "Oh, boy..."

Neal (Steve Martin):  "Oh boy, what?!"

Car Rental Lady (Edie McClurg):  "You're fucked."  

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1985) Written & Directed by John Hughes 

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