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"But You Represent The Investors...."

Mark Baum (Steve Carell): "How much bigger is the market for insuring mortgage bonds than actual mortgages?"

CDO Manager: "About 20 times."

Jarret Venette (Narrating) - (Ryan Gossling): "If the mortgage bonds were the match, then the CDOs were the kerosene soaked rags, and then the synthetic CDO is the atomic bomb, with the drunk president holding his finger over the button.  It was at that moment, in that dumb restaurant with that stupid look on his face, that Mark Baum realized that the entire world economy might collapse.  I know, what you're thinking.  What the fuck is a synthetic CDO?!"  

The Big Short (2015) Directed by Adam McKay

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"Hear That Honey??..."

 Clark W. Griswald (Chevy Chase): "Ahh; yeah.  You check our shitters, honey?"

Christmas Vacation (1989) Directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik & 
Written by John Hughes

Monday, December 16, 2019

"You're Allowed To Make A Statement...."

Mark Zuckerburg (Jesse Eisenberg): ".....I deserve some respect from this board." 

The Social Network (2015) Directed by David Fincher

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I Don't Understand...."

Mrs. Coleman (Nathan Lane):  "Kevin. Kevin, nothing has changed.  It's still me, with one tiny little difference.....well, not tiny. Eh-heh." (forces laugh and turns)

The Birdcage (1996) Directed by Mike Nichols 

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