Saturday, January 4, 2020

"What Is Passing, Anyhow?"

Father O' Malley (Bing Crosby): "I knew a character once, a fella named uhh, Elmer Hathaway.....the teacher often wondered how he found his way to the school house......he was sort of dreamer......he got to be a foot taller than anyone in the class and they felt sorry for him so they decided to pass him. Besides, I think they needed the desk but  he didn't know any difference and from that time on, he developed assurance.  You heard of the Hathaway Shipyards?.... That's Elmer. To this day, he takes care of his less fortunate pals.  You know the ones that used to make 90 and 100.  If they're broke or out of job, they can always work for Hathaway.  He's a good man.  By the way, just what is passing anyhow?......why do they have to have 75 to pass?  Who started it?.....Aren't we here to give the children a helping hand? " 

The Bells of St. Mary (1948) Written & Directed by Leo McCarey

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