Wednesday, April 22, 2020

"That Is A Coup d'État"

X (Donald Sutherland): "All of that ended on November 22, 1963....Like Caesar, he is surrounded by enemies and something is under way.....There has been no vote. Nothing is on paper. There is no one to blame. It's as old as the Crucifixion. A military firing squad: 5 bullets, 1 blank, and no one is guilty.  Because everyone in the power structure that knows anything has a plausible deniability.  They are in no compromising connections except at the most secret point. What's paramount is it must succeed, no matter how many die or no matter how much it costs.  The perpetrators must be on the winning side and never subject to prosecution for anything by anyone.  That is a Coup d'État."

JFK (1991) Directed by Oliver Stone

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