Sunday, May 10, 2020

"Mom, I'm Not Saying That...."

Shaun's Mom (Catherine O' Hara): "So, now, I'm a bad mother?!?!"

Shaun (Colin Hanks): "Mom, I'm not saying that.....Mom, this is the most decisive day of my life and I'll I'm asking for is one hour.  One hour with no big scenes, and no nervous breakdown, and no Meryl Streep impressions - just one hour where you act like a normal loving parent.  Can you do this for me?"

Shaun's Mom (Catherine O' Hara): "Yes; I can."

Shaun (Colin Hanks): "Thank you, Mom!"

Shaun's Mom (Catherine O' Hara): " but I'll need a glass of wine. There's some Chardonnay in the fridge."

Orange County (2002) Directed by Jake Kasdan 

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